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Samsung NOOK App Software Update

If your Samsung NOOK Device is displaying the following error message when attempting to Shop or Download content, you may need to perform a software update.
Please follow the steps listed below to perform a software update for any Samsung NOOK Device Reading App:
Important Notes:
• You will be required to sign in with an existing or new Google Account and accept the Google Play Terms of Service to proceed
• Ensure that you are running the latest version of the Google Play Store to perform NOOK App Updates
• In some instances, this process can take up to 30 minutes to complete depending on your Wi-Fi network speed
• We recommend that your device's battery has at least 20% charge available

NOOK App Software Update Steps
1. Access the Google Play Store app on the device that you are updating
2. In the Play Store app, perform a search for "NOOK App for NOOK Devices", and then select the app from the list of results
3. If there is an update available for your device, there will be an "Update" button at the top of the page. Tap the Update button.
4. This may open a new window for you to accept Google's Terms and Conditions for the app update. Tap Accept to proceed when ready.
5. Tapping Accept prompts the update to begin downloading. Once the download has finished, the app update will automatically install.
6. After the installation has completed, the app has been updated successfully.
For Google Play Assistance and/or Google Account Related Issues: Call 1-855-836-3987 or click here.
Android Operating System Updates
Occasionally, updates to the Android operating system will become available and you will be automatically notified on the device that an update is available.
To manually check for software updates:
1. Press the Home button on your Samsung NOOK
2. Tap the Apps tray icon, in the lower right corner of the Home screen

3. Tap the Settings app

4. Go to General > About Device > Software Update
5. Tap Update now to check for an Android update.