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Wi-Fi Connectivity Troubleshooting

NOOK devices require an established Wi-Fi connection to access the NOOK Bookstore and synchronize with your B&N account.

If you cannot find or connect to a wireless network, complete or confirm the following:

   1.  Restart your NOOK. Powering down and restarting the NOOK can reset the signal, sometimes enabling a connection.

   2.  Confirm/update the NOOK software version. Verify the NOOK has the latest software version. If your device is not installed with the latest software version, please update to the current version.  Some of our NOOK devices also have the option to side-load the latest software from

   3.  Try to get closer to the router/access point, and eliminate interference.  Windows, walls, furniture, wireless phones, microwaves, electronics, metal objects and all sorts of other obstructions can affect wireless signal strength. If you are able to, move closer to the wireless signal source. In addition, remove the NOOK from any case, stand, or other attachment to see if the wireless signal improves.

   4.  Verify the router and modem are functioning correctly.  Confirm that the router and modem are connected to power and turned on. Determine if other devices e.g. wireless computer, mobile phone, smart television, Blu-ray, etc. can successfully connect to the wireless network.

   5.  Check the SSID. The NOOK will automatically find new available wireless networks and let you choose one to connect to. It may take a few seconds for the wireless network names to appear. Some wireless networks, however, are set up to be hidden; they do not broadcast their network name or Service Station Identifier (SSID) to the public. If you cannot find the name of a network in the list of available wireless networks, find out from the network owner what the SSID and security key, if any, are. Then, manually add the new wireless network.

   6.  Confirm the wireless network password. The wireless network password is not the NOOK account password; it is the password used to set up the wireless network. Wireless network passwords may contain special characters and are case sensitive. Be aware of similar characters e.g. the number zero and the letter "O".  If you do not know the wireless network password, contact the person who set up the network, the Internet service provider, or the manufacturer of the router for assistance.

   7.  Delete the current Wi-Fi hotspot.  Remove the current Wi-Fi hotspot by tapping the specific hotspot in the Wi-Fi menu and tapping "Forget." This will delete the software supplicant file used to remember the hotspot and will require the user to enter their SSID and password again. Restart the device and attempt to connect again.

   8.  Restart or reset the wireless router or access point if unable to connect any devices.  If you have access to the wireless router, powering down and restarting the wireless router can reset the signal, sometimes enabling you to connect.
Please note: If the Internet service provider also provides cable or phone service, you may want to confirm with them before attempting this step to avoid interruption of service.

   9.  Connect to a Barnes & Noble Retail Store. If the conditions allow, it is recommended to connect to the wireless network at the nearest Barnes & Noble Retail Store. If the NOOK successfully connects to the in-store wireless network, and has internet connectivity, the issue is not with the NOOK. The issue is most likely router or Internet service provider related.

   10.  Connect to a different wireless network.  If a Barnes & Noble Retail Store is not available, attempt to connect at another wireless network or hotspot. Hotspots are often found at restaurants, train stations, airports, libraries, hotels, hospitals, coffee shops, bookstores, fuel stations, department stores, supermarkets, RV parks and campgrounds, public pay phones, and other public places. Many universities and schools have wireless networks in their campus. If the NOOK successfully connects to another wireless network, and has internet connectivity, the issue is not with the NOOK. The issue is most likely router or Internet service provider related.

   11.  Check the MAC address filtering.  MAC addresses (or Media Access Control numbers) identifies individual networking hardware. Routers and access points can be set up to allow only certain MAC addresses i.e., unique devices, to authenticate with them. If the network you are connecting to have this filtering enabled, you will need to have the MAC address of your NOOK's network adapter added to the permission list.
Please note: If assistance is needed with this step, contact the manufacturer of your router.

   12.  Update your network card drivers and OS.  Driver issues can also cause problems with network connections; the network driver may be outdated, a new driver can cause problems, the wireless router may have been recently upgraded, etc. Try doing a system update first; going to Windows Update can suggest updates for both your operating system and network adapter; also visit your router's website to see if there are available firmware updates.
Please note:  NOOK devices cannot connect to a network with a cable.